Friday, July 8, 2011

And this too shall pass

(Writing after years.... but i wrote this a long time ago and publishing it now after making a few changes... it may not make sense to many.... but i hope you like it this way...)

This may not be the most original line
But whoever wrote it had alot in their mind
as it does sum up everything that comes into our lives
and we have to keep going, thinking
this too shall pass

When someone comes storming into your life
just after you thought that all is well, the way it is now....
but they come and hit you like a lightning bolt, that shakes you up
and despite everything, how much ever you wanted otherwise,
you do the right thing... and then hold on to it and think
this too shall pass

When the person you loved the most at one point
Has almost gone away from your life
but still a shadow sits there... somehow calling you back
but you harden your will power
tell yourself that once you're busy all over again, maybe
this too shall pass...

When nostalgia hits
When you would give anything to go back to old times
Where people knew you, where you meant something to some
and where, despite the problems you were in your comfort zone
But you do know that the bubble you are in, has to burst
That you have to move on to the next chapter in life
In the world where change is the only constant thing
We move on... hoping against hope that things will be good ahead
And the nostalgia will go back to its corner in your mind
and this too shall pass...

And then there are times when the happiness settles in
When we hope that none of it goes away
When "forever" does not seem absurd..
But as the good times roll, we wonder if they will last.. or like the bad times..
This too shall pass...

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